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Best 71/4 Tips For Health/Nutrition Srs.~ Choose My Plate
Best 71/4 Tips For Health/Nutrition Srs.~ Choose My Plate
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Featuring and updated with the new My Plate graphic these videos are easy to follow and apply the practical nutritional tips provided by experts in the fields of Regional and Public Health, Nutrition Services, and Dietitian Services. Concise, reliable, and interesting concepts and consequences are presented. These DVDs get right to the point with no filler. Run time: 7-10 minutes each

DCD150-PL $129.95 • 4 dvd 
DCD151-PL $234.95 • 4 dvd w/powerpoint presentation and worksheets

Single titles in this series featuring My Plate include:

Best 71/4 Tips For Choose My Plate
This well-organized program provides seven tips  that outline good nutrition/healthy food choices like selecting low-fat dairy, making friends with fiber, eating whole grains, and building with protein. In addition, being active, moving, exercising, and playing are encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Director of Nutrition for a school district provides great direction and encouragement for balanced food and exercise choices. 
DCD152-PL $39.95 DVD

Best 71/4 Tips For Nutrition & Nutrients
Food labels can be mysterious and often overlooked. This show digs beneath the surface of this topic along with other important nutrition topics: minerals, calcium, trying new foods, food supplements, the importance of breakfast, etc. Join a registered dietitian and a public health educator as they break down this complex subject into tips that can be useful to all of us. 
DCD154-PL $39.95 DVD

Best 71/4 Tips For Making Healthy Food Choices
In our fast-paced, consumer society where the family is now a work-oriented consumption unit rather than a unit of family food production, it is so easy to get caught up in a "junk food" lifestyle. This show features healthy options that promote good food choices and options. 
DCD156-PL $39.95 DVD

Best 71/4 Tips For Portion Control
What is a serving? This show features concrete examples and concepts such as what is a healthy portion size and foods that are healthy to snack on. 
DCD158-PL $39.95 DVD

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