Finding Community Role Models
Finding Community Role Models
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Details: Many communities lack healthy and strong role models.  Drug abuse is so prevalent, it's considered normal.  It takes a community-wide intervention to begin to attack this disease:  from church leaders to counselors to police to parents to the kids themselves.  Specific strategies are presented by Native American football star Sammy Moore in talking to high risk kids.  He emphasizes that a good place to start is to commit to being a community role model.  Or find a healthy media model such as Michael Jordan.  Or join a structured community recreation program such as the Boys and Girls Club.  Or organize a group of healthy, drug free older kids for younger kids to hang out with, etc.  Or join club or school sports teams.  Sammy emphasizes that the key is to find something or someone you love; find a dream and surround yourself with people that will help you keep it. Length: 12-15 minutes.

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