I Love People...It\'s Customers I Can\'t Stand!
I Love People...It's Customers I Can't Stand!
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Details: Beware...you're about to enter the Dimlit Zone...a world inhabited by customers and the people who take care of them -- the Sales Representative or the Customer Service Representative.  This hilarious video looks at the basic skill involved with providing customer service.  A variety of comical sketches are presented in which viewers will meet twelve dysfunctional customers such as Emotional Eunice, Handout Homer, Foul Mouth Franklin, and Anna Apathetic.  viewers are offered effective techniques for successfully handing each type.  Ideal for vocational students or business students or students contemplating careers in sales or working with the public in general, this fun show can be watched over and over with the same hilarious enjoyment.  Includes reproducible worksheets. Length: 15-20 minutes.

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