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99 Days To Re-Entry Success
99 Days To Re-Entry Success
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Details: This weekly planning journal helps ex-offenders handle key stages of re-entry during the first critical 99 days – one start-up day followed by 14 weeks of intensive planning and implementation.

Focusing on the implementation process, this journal requires users to:
specify realistic goals
identify specific supporting activities
anticipate related outcomes
And then they will evaluate their progress and make behavioral adjustments for continuing the process.
Users keep a weekly journal where they write down exactly what they plan to do each day (a daily To Do list) and then evaluate their progress on a scale of 1 to 10 in accomplishing their goals for the week. They, in turn, summarize what they need to do to better accomplish goals for the next week.

The journal also includes important sections on documentation, contacts, appointments, financial planning, and community-based resources.

Used alone or in a group setting, this important new book provides an important structure for keeping ex-offenders focused on those things they need to do in order to become successful on the outside.

It serves as a critical motivator for setting and accomplishing goals - a new pattern for transforming the lives of those who need disciplined thinking along with a well-defined structure for achieving success on the outside.

1.Prepare for Re-Entry Success....1

2.DAY 1 - Commit Yourself to Success....6

3.Plan Your Next 14 Weeks of Activities....10

4.Appointment Calendar/Meeting Log....39

5.Community-Based Service Providers....44

6.Directory of Key Contacts....45

7.Finance Your Future....47

8.Budget Your Income and Expenditures....48

9.Personal Information/Documentation....51

10.Major Re-Entry Plans....53

11.Key Re-Entry Success Resources....55
64 pages. 5½ x 8½.
By Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.

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