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Details:Topics include: questions, networking, appointments, dress appropriately, establish routine, follow through, make a plan, schedule, listen carefully, ... more info
Credit Card Basics - Digital Media
Model: CMS503Price:   $29.95

Details:Topics include: credit terms, reading the small print, types of credit, the price of credit, credit card tips, being responsible, your rights as a ... more info
Insurance Basics - Digital Media
Model: CMS504Price:   $29.95

Details:Topics include: reading statements, types of coverage, health insurance, insurance terms, insurance language, cash v. replacement value, real or ... more info

Details:Topics include: banks, credit unions, types of account, types of fees, bank terms, record keeping, establish credit, open and closed credit, how much ... more info

Details:Topics include: Protein, carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol, vitamins, minerals, food labels, good/bad diets, sports nutrition, vegetarianism, eating ... more info

Details:Topics include: balance calories, enjoy food, portion sizes, foods to eat often, fruits and vegetables, low-fat milk, grains, foods to eat less ... more info

Details:Topics include: what is a non-traditional career, common workplace skills, cross-functional skills, Holland code, green careers, skill ... more info

Details:Topics include: the six categories of nutrients; obesity, fad diets, and psychological disorders; water, micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins; ... more info
Budgeting Basics - Digital Media
Model: CMS501Price:   $29.95

Details:Topics include: budgeting skills like tracking and spending money, discipline, wants vs. needs, and more. Download Digital Media Files: Presentation ... more info
Paycheck Basics - Digital Media
Model: CMS502Price:   $29.95

Details:Topics include: payroll deductions from FICA to vacation time, employment forms like W2, W4, and 1099, how to figure overtime, and more. Download ... more info